Quit smoking naturally in three months: Enhance Health and life.

Let’s start with positive note about Tobacco. Tobacco leaf’s are applied to cuts as an antiseptic and to stop bleeding. Ground tobacco leaves were also used as “snuff” (Inhaled through the nose) for medicinal and ritualistic purposes. But on the other side Smoking can cause long-term effects on body including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Whether smoked or chewed tobacco is dangerous to your health.
Many governments want to control use of Cigarettes and other tobacco products but looks difficult to take this decision due to many logical reasons. Have you remembered when first time smoke, might be yes because it was the lovely moment. On opposite side someone got Heart attack & root cause was smoking from last 15 Years. So, you can’t turn back time but today onward can stop the Tobacco.

Below are the few simple tips which can be practice for Quitting Smoking.

  1. First thing reduces the quantity of cigarettes rather than Quitting. Take a monthly target to reduce to half, second month it’s a one quarter & third month 100 % Quitting the cigarettes.
  2. Avoid continue working & take a short walk around in office or inside the garden. You may eat or take tea/coffee to distract your mind when it calls for cigarettes.
  3. Morning meditation is miracle way to control your mind for inherent demand of cigarettes.
  4. Everyone has different will power so make your own rule. Write daily consumed quantity of cigarette and monitor towards reduction.
  5. Berthing exercise can also divert your mood from cigarette. It’s a strong tool to oxygen intake increases which can quiet your mind.
  6. You may chew Cloves and Carom seeds when your mood called for cigarette. This is an Indian spice and ayurvedic medicines.
  7. Monitor till you reached at 1/day. Keep it continue till any memorable date & stop on this vocation.
  8. Spend your 15 to 30 min with nature in fresh air. Its boost your mood to positive thinking & assist you quitting the cigarette.
  9. Spend your time with family or friends and try to avoid living alone. Many studies proofs you may feel mental stronger with your loved one and hit any impossible targets like Quit smoking.
  10. Follow your hobby as a regular activity that gives you joy and may replace smoking time.

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