New Year resolution Health or Wealth !

Everyone wish for New year come with happiness & Wealth, but health is directly linked to
Happiness & Wealth. So why we not set new year resolution for great health & its leads to prosperity
in new year. 10 routine corrections will lead to miracle for health. If you practice this for 21 days so
this would feed to your subconscious mind & it become a habit. 21 days continuous feeding would
fix in your mind is law of Subconscious mind.
Also, recommend assigning cross check or audit task for habits adherence by any of your family
member or your friend. Check first three months continuous & convert further in Quarterly. It’s
really a great gift you may give yourself.

Here are some health improvements tips from expert.

Set realistic goals.
Healthy diet like sprouts, Protein food, green vegetables, Less tea & coffee
Avoid junk food or processed food.
Limit of Alcohol
Limit of smoking
Regular exercise minimum half hour a day
Do a physical movement activity any one like Dance, jogging, swimming, Playing game.
Create a timeline.
First 4 weeks focus on wakeup early in morning.
First 3 months focus on physical activity.
Weekly monitoring of alcohol
Plan health checkup yearly
Spend time with family for happiness.
Develop a plan.
Make activity plan & keep Infront of your bedroom.
Reduce screening time.
Less use of social media platforms
Plan twice outing with your friends or family members.
Choose yearly planner & customize as per above points.

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