Balance mind and body for a vibrant life

Social media has given full connectivity to all over the world but in modern 21 st
century 1 in every 5 personals in USA have some form of mental or physical health issues. A perfect health is summation of Mental and Physical Health. Many time its vice versa of each other. Mental
wellbeing and physical health should well then only we can grow smoothly. Few micro improvement
tips can be improving mental health.

  1. Expect less: Do not think about output of any work or relationship lets have natural
    outcomes to be accepted.
  2. Respect more: Respect the skills & persons around you on day-to-day basis at your home or
  3. Screening time: Limit your screening time below one hour of social media platform.
  4. Forgive everyone: Not forgiving gives adverse effect on our mental health so let’s increase
    your acceptability.
  5. Steady Pattern behavior: Mental health problem linked to a variation in certain chemicals
    like serotonin and dopamine which can be generated if behavior would change continuously.
  6. Avoid argument: Every reply should be some logic so let’s wait to understand the issues &
    reply accordingly. Try to keep your any decision as much as logical & based on data.
  7. Think Positive: Positive thinking is free, and blessing given by God so why not think only
    positive 24 hours.
  8. Love to Nature: Nature has invisible hand who always help you to keep you motivated & full
    of energy so spend your adequate time with nature. Do not wait for yearly leave plan take
    small breaks as much as possible.
  9. Professional Roadmap: You should have 5-year visibility of Job or Business to ascertain the
    Life and it will give a path to walk.
  10. Personal Roadmap: Most important but now days many of keep this on second priority.
    Keep Personal Roadmap parallel to Profession then no one can stop you to succeed in life.
    Few micro improvement tips which can use to improve Physical health.
  11. Daily exercise time limit: 5 days in a week exercise is must for a good health. Preferable in
    morning time
  12. Meditation: Do not confuse with exercise or meditation. Mediation is the act do for your
    healthy mind.
  13. Diets: This is countless activity which everyone do from childhood to live on the earth so
    small improvement in diets given bigger result in terms of lifestyle diseases.
  14. Drink Planty of water: First think after walk up should be warm water. It’s a simple
    requirement but follow by very less people. This small change can prevent more then 30
    diseases like digestion & metabolism, support detoxification, assist weight management,
    Eases nasal congestion etc.
  15. Planty of sleep: Reduce stress and improve your mind and Loser risk of series health
    problems like diabetes and heart disease.
  16. Control Alcohol: Its good thought knows by everyone, but implementation is difficult. I
    would recommend its important action if you loved yourself.
  17. Control Tobacco product: Don’t want to write too much for Tabacco Product because
    quitting benefits like Alcohol. I can give guarantee if Alcohol and Tabacco if you control your
    life will be change within a three month in terms of Happiness.
  18. Limit Snacking: Make sure your snack is well balanced. You should take balance breakfast
    that includes protein and try to eat raw fruits.
  19. Move at office hours: Stretching is mandatory post long hours of typing and mousing. Try to
    move at every one hour from your desk and do group walk after lunch.
  20. Smile: Finally, Smile is real gift for you and others. Stimulate many organs. Laughter
    enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, muscles, and
    increases the endorphins that are released by your brain.
    So you may spend time on this article and share the your loved one and sure it’s a gift for any new
    journey for health improvement.

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